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Client satisfaction is a top priority at Anne Arundel Veterinary Emergency Clinic. Our staff takes great pride in providing every pet with the high-quality veterinary care and treating each pet like they are our own. We believe that testimonials from other Annapolis pet owners are great ways to know more about AAVEC.

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This is the best place to go, I have been here in the middle of the night with a sick dog, very caring staff. Amazing doctors. I've used them with several of my animals. I'm lucky I'm only 12 miles away when there's an emergency, there's no time to waste.
Mary J.

Thank you for taking such good care of my dog! Not only that but for figuring out what was causing him to be so ill. I'm happy to have my sweet boy home with me now after being away a few days. Addison's disease is a scary thing but now that I know he has it and with the help of his vet he will have a long healthy life! I'm so grateful that I followed my gut and brought him in on Christmas night. Thank you Dr. McNair for saving my spike and to the wonderful techs. He is back to his spunky self today. Forever thankful for the team at AAVEC!
Christina R.

The doctors and the staff are very friendly. They saved my dogs life. He was overcome with a sudden case of severe anemia. He had a week long stay in the hospital as well as (3) blood transfusions. A good visit given the reason for it. Have your checkbook handy though.
Joyell A.

The best care! I felt so at ease leaving my little chi Bayleigh there overnight until Dr McDonnell could see her the next morning. Made our experience a lot easier, wonderful staff, clean facility, really up to date on all options---we've decided to do surgery for her tumor. We trust them, and feel lucky to have found them.Thank you!
Paula K.

We came here for emergency care for our cat on New Year's Day. These folks are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which is wonderful when your pet needs care late at night or on a holiday. Their staff are friendly and professional, and the vet we met with was informative and took time to speak with us.
Jimmy S.

My dog, Kona, was treated there over this weekend for severe gastroenteritis and a skin allergy/infection. They treated her with kindness and compassion! Great doctors and staff! We're so lucky to have the AAVEC so close to us! They are top notch!
Alisa M.

My dog was having some stomach issues after he ate. Called up the vet ER and the told us to bring him in immediately. Quickly found out he had a tumor on his spleen which had ruptured. The docs took him in for immediate surgery. All went well and I'm happy to say my best friend is alive today and doing well. The staff was very friendly and understanding (even allowing us to visit out boy after hours). Highly recommend to anyone who has a pet emergency.
Jeremy M.

This place is amazing. They take their time with you and your fur kids, don't try to rush you out the door. We've seen Dr. VanAucken twice and she is WONDERFUL! Absolutely has been doing everything she can to find out what is wrong with Cupcake. Highly recommend this place. The people that work here are unbelievably kind, totally dedicated to what they do. Nice to witness.
Patricia B.

My 3 year old male cat had a Ulceration to his nose and tongue, this was my first time having to take my animal to a Hospital. They treated my cat and I wonderful! Explain everything and showed me how to give him his medicine!!! I'm so very grateful to have been serviced so nicely!!!
Fallon P.

Just pure excellence this place is awesome the staff goes above and beyond to help their patients! Happy Lab owner.
Lois G.

This place is great there supper friendly and u can tell they really truly do care and love animals. Thank you so much for all that u have done for my baby boy.
Jamie T.

We left our house for 20 minutes and forgot that a bag of dark chocolate candy bars was on the counter. Came home to find our dog had overturned the trash can, ate whatever was in it, and also ate whatever was left of the candy bars, wrappers and all. Google said that dark chocolate is worse for dogs than the regular chocolate so I brought her to the emergency vet. Dr. McNair was our vet and he was awesome, down to earth, and not judgmental. They induced vomiting and gave her some nausea medicine and we were back home quickly. She's doing fine. I have been here before with this dog and 2 other cats. You all are always wonderful. Techs and front desk staff are great too. thank you all!!!
Jennifer G.

They are always professional and friendly. They are also very sensitive to your feelings if your pet is seriously ill.
Angela K.

They were very sympathetic, quick and helpful. Made a tough situation easier.
Kimberly D.

First day home after suffering a severe case of HGE, and my sweet Goofy is doing SO much better!!! I can't express the relief and happiness I am feeling right now to have my lil guy back by my side. Everyone at AAVEC was so wonderful, comforting and amazing to me, my precious pup, and even my worried husband who is currently deployed who they kept updated. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help and hard work! We can now enjoy a restful recovery weekend, confident that he will be back to his crazy, goofy self within no time!
Talia G.

My dog had a large collection of bladder stones and I brought her in for treatment. The staff was excellent in assuring me that she would be ok and that the surgery was routine. A year later she's a happy, healthy 10 year old.
Brittney P.

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