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COVID-19 Emergency Visit Protocol

Download the Emergency Visit Protocol PDF

At a time of heightened concern about the coronavirus (COVID-19), AAVEC is taking measures to minimize contact between individuals in an attempt to protect both you and our staff from this dangerous disease. We understand that this may seem to be very inconvenient to you, but it is an absolutely necessary step to take. Because we believe in the experts’ recommendation of “social distancing” to limit the spread of COVID-19, effective immediately and until further notice, we are significantly limiting our contact with you as individuals.

We regret that we have to take these precautions, but we firmly believe this will allow us to continue to keep our facility open so we may provide you and your animal family members the concern and high quality care you expect in your time of need.

What does this mean for you?

When you arrive at our facility, Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Center, pull in to a parking space nearest the building at the main central entrance.

Please remain in your car and call the front desk at (410) 224-0331. We will have our veterinary support staff come out to your car to get your pet, and bring your pet into the lobby where the examination will begin. Vital signs will be taken and a doctor will come to examine the patient. Animals that appear to be in more serious condition will be taken directly to the treatment room—where there is more advanced diagnostic equipment—to be evaluated.


All communication will need to be done via telephone calls. A client service team (CST) member will take your and your pet’s information by phone and enter it into our system.


If your pet appears to be in a more critical condition, a CST member will read to you our Consent to Triage policy and ask you for a verbal consent to immediately begin treatment as needed to stabilize your pet. The doctor will call you as soon as possible, but understand that stabilizing your pet will be their top priority so the doctor’s communication with you may not be immediate.


For animals that are more stable, we ask you to be patient while the doctor examines and develops a diagnostic and treatment plan for your pet. Once that is done the doctor will call you and go over their findings and recommendations regarding diagnostics and treatment. Again, please be patient as there are often many animals being evaluated and treated at the same time.

Once you approve of the doctor’s recommendations, a CST member will go over a detailed estimate the doctor has developed and ask for your consent to proceed with their recommendations. We will have a digital authorization for you to sign electronically and we will begin with approved treatment. For a pet that is going to be hospitalized, the CST member will ask for a deposit and take your payment information over the phone.

For those pets treated as outpatients, we will perform the diagnostics and treatment, our CST member will take your payment over the phone, and we will return the animals to you in the parking lot.


If you are arriving for humane euthanasia and you wish to be present during the euthanasia, please stay in your car, call us to notify us that you are outside, and we will come to your car to retrieve the patient, prepare the patient for euthanasia, then call you to come in through a separate door, where we will take your party to a private room where the procedure will be done.

Unfortunately, we must take the essential step of forbidding visitation of hospitalized pets. We understand how stressful this will be to you when you are already experiencing the anxiety of having a sick family member and in the hospital, but we need to approach all our interactions with the public with an abundance of caution so we can remain open for you and your pet. We will gladly take pictures and/or videos of your hospitalized pet and e-mail or text them to you at your request.

Please understand how difficult it is for us to take these arguably extreme measures, but rest assured we have the best interests of you and your pet in mind as we find a way to navigate this unprecedented event in a way that allows AAVEC to be here, as always, for you and your beloved family members.

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